Offer LASIK Financing


Patients Like our Monthly Payment Option

We have teamed up with CareCredit—one of the nation's top LASIK financing companies—and are delighted with their excellent service. Now, 30% of patients we treat elect to use monthly payments to pay for LASIK—some with payments less than $90 a month.

Your Fees can be Included

We are happy to make easy payments available to your patients. Your fees can be included with their monthly payments for surgery. Just click here to sign on with Pacific Eyecare Network (PEN) as a Refractive Surgery Provider.

Risk Free Benefits to You

PEN serves as a third-party financial administrator for the fees associated with laser vision correction. Being a Refractive Surgery Provider gives you two attractive benefits:

  • Your fee can be included in patients' monthly payment for surgery. Your reimbursement is secure even if they default.
  • You can have PEN collect your fee the day of surgery.

Join Now

Click here to join hundreds of optometric physicians currently using this service.