We hope these items are useful to your practice. If there are other tools or resources you would like us to consider, please let us know.


NEW — KAMRA Corneal Inlay Comanagement Resources

For presbyopia correction

NEW — Glaucoma Surgery Comanagement Resources

For the few procedures we offer 

NEW — Patient Education Video Library for use in Your Practice

Copy the URL to use this library on your website, exam room PCs or tablets

Corneal Cross-linking Comanagement Resources

To help patients suffering with progressive ectasia

Surgery Calendar

View surgery calendars for each of our offices
(kindly note that these are not for distribution to patients)

Direct Messaging with PCLI – Details and addresses

For sharing electronic patient health information

Corneal Thickness Calculator

For laser vision correction candidates

LASIK Financing and Fee Collection

For the pre and post-op care you provide

Carrier/Network Participation

Carriers and networks with which we are contracted

Helpful ICD-10-CM Resources

Electronic search and common codes