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LASIK Fee Collection and Financing

0% Financing and Easy Monthly Payment brochure

CareCredit flexible monthly payment options are outlined—including interest free financing. A chart shows estimated monthly payments spread over 18 - 60 months.

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Enrollment Package for LASIK Fee Collection

Pacific Eyecare Network (PEN) serves as a third-party financial administrator for collection of LASIK fees. Signing on as a provider offers two benefits:

LASIK Fee Collection —
Offer your patients the convenience of making one payment for all their LASIK care. You can request that PEN collect the global fee for LASIK (including your fee for care) on the day of surgery.

LASIK Financing —
Offer your patients the options of 0% financing and flexible monthly payments. Your fees can be included and your funding is secure—even when patients default on their payment.

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