Founded in 1985, Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute is one of North America’s premier comanagement centers. At the heart of our organization is a steadfast commitment to the profession of optometry.



We do not advertise or promote our care to the general public. Instead, we support your role as the primary eyecare expert. We’re here when you need us—for secondary medical care and surgery.

Notable Resources

Booklet — LASIK: Change Your Life Forever

21 page booklet discusses our LASIK care and frequently...
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Booklet — Cataract Correction: Reclaim your good vision

25 page booklet explains what cataracts are, how we treat...
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Dry Eye and Non-cataract Glare

by Tessa Plana, OD Anchorage, AK

The glare of bright lights is a common symptom of cataracts. Here in Alaska where I practice, our winters are especially dark. So many of the...
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